EFPBiotek is owned 100% by Antonio Cacao, its present CEO.

Antonio Cação was born in 1971. He took a 5 years Economics degree at Porto University (Portugal) and, a few years later, a 1 year Master in Business Administration.
In between, and before engaging with EFPBiotek in 1999, he worked as a financial and operational (production + logistics) consultant in more than 20 companies, both in the Industrial and Financial sectors:

  • Dat Schaub (food processing, Danmark/ Portugal)
  • Brax (Textile, Germany/ Portugal)
  • Browning (guns and golf, USA/ Belgium/ Portugal) 
  • Bial (Pharma, Portugal)
  • Ramada (Cofina- steel/ logistics, Portugal)
  • Meireles (industrial oven manufacturing, Portugal/ Italy)
  • Uponor (plastic piping for gas and heating systems, Norway/ Portugal)
  • Siderurgia Nacional (steel, Portugal)
  • Têxteis Vizela (Textile, Portugal)
  • Axa Seguros (Insurance, Portugal)
  • SottoLeasing (Portugal)
  • Banco Melo (Santander Totta – Banking, Portugal)
  • Norpedip (venture capital, Portugal)
  • Sulpedip (venture capital, Portugal)
  • Etc, etc