Fishmeal is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient, used mainly in diets for aquaculture, poultry, pigs andpets.

EFPBiotek fishmeal is produced in Europe (Portugal) and is 100% rendered from the fish canningindustry by-products / trimmings.

It results in a Sustainable and Eco-Green fishmeal, GMP+ certified.

Excellent source of highly digestible proteins, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 EPA/DHA) and other nutrients (vitamins and minerals), its addition to animal diets increases feed efficiency and animal growth, enhancing nutrient uptake, digestion and absorption.

Also, Fishmeal provides better palatability, optimizing flavour, aroma and texture on animal diets.

Fishmeal improves immunity strength, providing greater resistance to illnesses.

The balanced Fishmeal amino-acid composition complements and provides synergistic effects with other animal and vegetable proteins in the diet to promote fast growth and reduce feeding costs.

It also contributes to optimizing animal reproduction rate.